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Comdata, the fifth player in the world in the Customer Operations sector, is the leader in Italy with over 10,000 employees and more than 20 operating centres throughout Italy. For this reason, we believe that the main value of our services and solutions must necessarily pass through the people who interact with your customers every day, the most valuable asset.

We have developed an international footprint to meet the needs of global customers who want a more homogeneous Customer Experience, offering the opportunity for our local organizations to optimize the service with agility and with a more personalised approach.

In an ever more complex world, it is important to have industry experts ready to respond to operational challenges with simple and effective solutions. For this reason, companies will increasingly need partners capable of managing the right definition of priorities, the adoption and proper implementation of new technologies, the simplification of processes to offer a better and more convenient front-line thanks to the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the back office.

Outsourcing means consciously deciding to improve a task or process, which applies to all aspects of an organization, including digital adoption. Usually, companies face silos of obstacles and resistance, and even if they overcome them, time is not always on their side. Comdata has become an expert in helping these companies navigate the digital transformation landscape through the adoption of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and overcoming traditional friction points.

Through digital transformation, tomorrow's new jobs will include more advanced agents who will be able to handle complex situations, understand and empathize with customers, transforming Customer Care into a real engine for growth.

The success of Comdata shows that Italy has the characteristics to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation, acting as a laboratory of technological innovation and service thanks to the experience gained.

Alessandro Zunino, 
​​​​CEO Comdata Italia

What makes us unique

In nowadays everchanging world, digital is reaching maturity and impacts all the sectors, which are reinventing themselves in the depth to adapt to this new reality. This new environment means customer interact more and they expect more in terms of experience with brands: Customer is King, Customer is everything.

Our services, from outsourcing of customer interactions and processes to customer experience consulting, are entirely focused on one goal: helping our client to maximise the customer value, by creating the smart blend of people, process and technology.  We are a special breed of business partners - we are makers: we think and do, we cherish both and that fruitful combination makes us better at our job. Our group combines an international footprint with a strong, decentralized, local expertise, to be as close as possible to our clients.

We desire to transform the present as to design the future of both our clients’ businesses and our industry. Globally and in each country, we are present, we aim to be recognised as the market shaper in Customer Interaction & Process Management.

Our values


  • We seek Excellence and we make things happen
  • We earn customer trust and build employee  loyalty every day
  • We believe in innovation as a mindset
  • We trust in an international team because  we embrace cultural diversity
  • We support the communities where we  work and live

Facts and Figures

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Our HQ

Comdata Group
Via Sebastiano Caboto, 1
20094 Corsico (MI) Italia
+39 02 414 99 31